Wednesday, December 26, 2007

IT'S DONE!!!!!

I am soooooooooo excited and happy and thrilled and just.....I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish something. It's indescribable. I finally finished my "Starry, Starry Night" blanket!!! I don't really like to work on a project for that long. Not when there's so much dead time in there where I don't even touch the project. (Like this time, the whole time Arick was home in the in between from Korea to Italy....didn't touch it. I barely touched it when I was in Colorado for Thanksgiving...then there's the whole moving thing...I've not done much with it during the moving process, either.) But now it's finally done! I only started it in October! LOL But I'm actually quite proud of it! I think it looks phenomenal. (I almost don't want to give it away....LOL) And it's huge! In fact, I went to take an overhead picture of it, and the camera was touching the ceiling before I could even get the whole blanket in the shot! LOL So I had to do one from an angle too, but then you can see that I couldn't get it to lay But here are the pictures of it:

Another accomplishment.....I finished the pair of crocheted socks! My first ever attempt! I'm incredibly proud of how they turned out! I made them as a part of a crochet-along on Cafemom, and I decided that since my mother-in-law was the only one that I hadn't been able to find anything for at that time, and she's always cold, I figured it made sense to give her the slipper socks for Christmas! And I was right. :) Turns out, she was very pleased with them, and her reaction of "you made these?!" was one I love getting as much as I love the sense of accomplishment of finishing a project! (I need to get a picture with better lighting, because they look a lot darker than they really are, but here are a couple of pictures of the finished pair):

And here's a better picture of the actual color of them (back when I only had one sock done):

Needless to say, I'm incredibly satisfied with my latest creations, and am very much looking forward to starting and finishing whatever pops into my head next! Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 21, 2007


I'm so close to being done with the Starry, Starry Night blanket, it's unreal! Well, almost as in number of rounds I have to finish. (About 4.) Not so much, if you actually count the stitches....the row I just started the other night...well, let's just say that that round itself will be pushing 750 stitches....(744, to be exact) How crazy is that?! Now, I know there's some non-crafters out there saying, "uh...ok..." so let me put it this way: it's taking me about 30-45 minutes to do just one round. And I've got about 4 more to go. Yikes! I really wanted to get it done in time to send it to her for Christmas, but I don't see that happening. Because a) it most likely won't even be finished by then, but also b) it sure wouldn't get through the mail in time for Christmas and c) I don't have the money to send it right now, anyway! LOL And I won't until the next paycheck. (I get money in my account once a month...) *sigh* Oh well. I really could have had it all done and on it's way by now, but instead, I kept myself busy with this whole moving thing and visiting my family in Colorado for the last time (until who knows when), going to my husband's family's Christmas parties here in Oklahoma, oh, and don't forget our recent ice storm that threw everything (and I mean everything) off for about a week. And it's not like I have 2 toddler boys to take care of all day long, either. lol And they're actually clamoring for my attention right now, so it looks like I'm signing off for now...hopefully, the next time I post, it'll be to say "IT'S DONE!"

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Christmas Project!

I'm so excited! I decided to try the CAL (crochet-a-long, for those of you not craftily inclined...LOL) for Cafemom this month. We're making socks! I've never even tried crocheting socks before and am super excited about it! And the more I work on it, the more excited I get! I think I just like having the satisfaction of creating something with my own hands and watching it take shape. It's amazing! No matter how many years I continue to crochet (and hopefully, one day, I'll learn how to knit, too), I don't think I'll ever lose the satisfaction and amazement of watching something form under my very own fingertips.

And since my mother-in-law is the only one I've not been able to find a Christmas present for, I'm making them for her! Yay! It's perfect, too, because she's always cold. LOL So, YAY! I'm happy! :)