Sunday, October 14, 2007

5-point-star Dilemma

So I admit it. I'm a perfectionist. And this is not looking enough like the pictures of the lady who posted the pattern in her blog. So I'm taking it all apart and starting it over. (I know, I'm nuts! But I'm not satisfied with it. It's got to be redone.)


So now I'm using an I hook instead of the H and not using any of the modifications to the shell stitch that I had done on the 6-point star. I'd thought the modifications would help it lay flat, when really all it did was make it look like less of a star. (At least to me, it did.) I'm only 8 rows in, and already it looks better to me!


And now that I'm almost halfway done, it's looking sooooooooooooooo much better! It's taking more yarn with the larger hook and more stitches (and I knew it would), but it's well worth it. Even if I have to go out and buy more yarn to finish it (which, with my stash, I highly doubt I will), it's worth it to have a blanket that's done well.....Dang my perfectionism....

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