Sunday, April 6, 2008

"It came! It finally came!"

And for those of you that may not be aware, I just quoted the movie Toy Story, though my excitement of what came has nothing to do with a rocket. LOL Can you tell that my almost 3-year-old (YIKES! He's almost 3!?!) watches that movie?.....A lot? LOL No, what I'm excited about is a lot less explosive.....hahahaha....that's funny, b/c, well, I'll explain in a minute. My package was yarn. YAY FOR YARN!!! :D I've not really gone out and mingled with the Italians yet, and haven't wandered into any of their shops to see what kinds of yarn they have, but I know that the BX (Base Exchange) doesn't carry any yarn. It really is a tragedy, in my world. But I found a place online where I can buy yarn that is reasonably priced, and the first thing I ordered through them came a couple days back. Now I can finally finish the projects that have been sitting around, waiting to be finished, but unable to get them done for having run out of yarn. Now the funny part is that one of my projects is actually titled on Ravelry as "Pink Explosion." LOL......*crickets chirping*....ok, fine, so I have an off sense of humor. lol

Anyhow, I know all my blogs and social pages (myspace, FB, CM, etc.) have all been pretty quiet for a while. I've just not really been in much of a writing mood as of late. I've been in more of a pondering mood, which tends to lead to long silences from me in the cyber world. But today is a really good day. (I think that partially has to do with the fact that I got to sleep in until almost noon today, since The Husband was home to get up with the boys, and after yesterday, I really needed that sleep! LOL) So here I am! :) I should really catch up on my blogging now that the stopper has been pulled from my And then it's off to finish the umpteen million projects I've been almost done with for months, now....(Okay, so the "umpteen million" is exaggerated....the "months" is not....) Time to get crochet-happy! :D

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