Thursday, November 6, 2008

My deepest and most profound apologies!!!

I can't believe this! Twice in one month! I would have to say that the things (note I said THINGS, not PEOPLE! LOL) I miss the most about the States revolves around the Internet. I miss having a reliable connection. I miss being able to call up their customer service and whining until they do something about it. The same day. We've been offline for almost a week now. The storm that blew in last week, on Wednesday, seems to have been the cause of what knocked us back offline (shortly after midnight, so technically Thursday morning). I went to bed too late to let my husband know about it and wasn't conscious enough when he got up for work to tell him then. He couldn't call Friday because it was an Italian holiday. They were all off. (I miss 24/7 customer service...) He couldn't call Saturday or Sunday. Weekend. Nobody's there. He was too busy at work on Monday to call and got off so late that they were closed before he got a chance to try. So Yesterday, Tuesday, he finally was able to. They were supposed to be getting back to him about it in 48 hours. I have yet to hear anything.

There was a blip on Monday (after I borrowed a friend's computer on Sunday to play catch up) where I was online. Checked my e-mail, started my "sites" (in the order of least going on to most...myspace, facebook, cafemom and then ravelry) partway into Facebook and got booted back off again. That was maybe a five minute reprieve. I was so mad when I got kicked back off that I actually wanted to break something. I crocheted instead. :) So today I'm at another friend's house (whose computer is compatible with my portable hard drive so I could post my back blogs about Halloween preparation and my trick-or-treat swap spoiling) posting while I can for this week's credit in case I don't get another chance before the week is up. *sigh* I hate this. I am SO out of the loop in the swap and SO behind on quizzes and reading blogs and threads on the Ravelry group....I HATE it!!! Grrr!!! I HATE that Italians are so flipping LAZY about this kind of thing! (And they really are!)

I haven't even really been productive with this time I've been offline. I was the first couple of days, but now I'm just too busy moping and griping about the whole situation to do much of anything. lol I think my boys have rubbed off on me...I'm sulking. LOL Even my productivity rate for knitting and crocheting has taken a plummet! You would think that with all the time I've not been online, I'd at least be cranking out the hats, but that's not even the case! Sure, I've made a few, but it's nowhere near my usual caliber. *double sigh* Here's hopping that I have my Internet back a home soon and get back into the groove of things!!!

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