Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So. I previously posted about the earring and necklace set The Instigator bought for me. (And for those wondering, yes, it is still sitting in it's box, and no I have not yet worn them.)

Since then, he has gotten me...

Another earring and necklace set that I'm saving for when I go to see Wicked in London with a couple of close friends:

A bag and matching wallet (that are made for the target audience of knitters and crocheters) that cost more than I've ever spent on any bag in my entire life:

A voucher to the spa on base (including a voucher each for the friends that I'm going to London with) for Mother's Day:

My first ever pair of Nike shoes:

A complete workout set (sports bra, pants and t-shirt, also all Nike):

And (the only thing I actually asked for and have been wanting) an iPhone 4. 

I love my phone. Before now, I've only ever had the cheesy flip phones that don't do much of anything past making calls and sending texts. The main reason for that is simply because I had no real use for a smart phone. I didn't care that I didn't have the newest electronic gadget. Then we moved to Germany, and I saw Misha and Kristin with their iPod touches, and given how much technology has advanced and all linked up together from when these phones first came out (not to mention how much they've come down in price!), I decided I wanted an iPhone. I can take it with me when we leave and use it wherever we are stationed. :) I'm pretty addicted to it, actually. LOL The novelty will wear off, though in a week or so, and it'll just be a cool phone instead of my lifeline. ;)

As to the Nike....well, I've never spent that much on brand name before. Shoes or clothes. (I'm pretty much a Wal-Mart/BX brand shopper...I don't really care about the brand names on things I wear...) But I won't lie. The shoes are nice, and with the new workout regime I've begun, the clothes and shoes have both come in handy.

I'm a bit excited about a girls/mom day at the spa (kidless!!!!) with two of my close friends!!! That's going to be FUN! (And it was for Mother's Day, so there's totally a valid reason for the purchase other than sheer

The bag and wallet (the latter of which is actually about the size of a clutch purse itself, lol) was something that Misha prompted me to get (with The Instigator supporting her, of course), and I had buyer's guilt for quite some time. I'm finally working past that, though, and am actually glad that I got them. They are very useful, get used all the time, and not to mention pretty! ;) I like having my knitting with me wherever I go, and now as we're past the stage of needing a diaper bag for the boys, I don't so much mind hauling it around to tote my yarn crafting with me. :)

The jewelry, however...I didn't mind the sapphire set as much as the Swarovski set he got me. The reason why? Because The Instigator told me it was for Wicked. Still a bit superfluous in my lowly opinion, but it was semi-justified, anyway.....that is, until he opened his mouth and told me he actually already had bought it and was looking for a reason to give it to me! Ugh. And then he proceeded to tell me that's not the extent of it all...there's more, hiding somewhere in the house, just waiting to be sprung on me. Lovely. What am I going to do with this man?!


Elizabeth said...

You are quite spoiled and loved! Is it your birthday? Anniversary? Or just because? Very, very wonderful husband! What spoilage! Lucky girl you!

smiley_netta said...

Don't I know it! My birthday isn't until October, and our anniversary isn't until December! I'm actually a little scared of that time of the year, With as much as he's doing now, what will he do then?! Eeep!

Samantha said...

Wowzers! lucky you! Just wanted to let you know that I linked to you in a creative blogger award...check it out!