Friday, December 16, 2011

Productive Day!

Whew! I was on a roll today! Whatever was bogging me down the past few weeks seems to have finally lifted, and after sleeping pretty much all day yesterday, I had a lot to make up for today! Then again, it could also be that it was kick started by The Instigator buying me this:

It's a wireless adapter for my desktop computer, as my PC doesn't have a wireless card in it. Which means....I was able to move my computer and desk into my craft room!!!!! I made the move just last night, and I am already ecstatic about it all! I also moved some more things from the old craft room downstairs to the new/current one on the main level of the house (the one that used to be the boys' toy room...until I booted them out of it and moved their toys upstairs to take over the space!). So today I was pretty busy setting up some of the stuff and organizing a doing the everyday things like laundry and dishes and vacuuming and sweeping...

While on my little breaks from the cleaning, I worked on knitting on a Super Secret Christmas present (which I finished, and it is now blocking!), and browsed the Web. Shocker, right? Well, on Pinterest, I came across this nifty little tutorial on turning cereal boxes into magazine holders! So I gave it a go and did decoupage for the first time ever and came out with a perfect storing place for my recent comic book collection.

I'm pretty excited about it, and can't wait for the boys to finish off more cereal so I can make more for my knitting magazines! LOL

I also made a couple buttons for said Secret Knitting Project, which means playing with Sculpey for the first time since I moved from Italy (over a year ago)! That being said...I definitely am still not used to my non-gas oven! LOL (Though I definitely prefer it not gas!) Here are the buttons as they're baking:

All in all...a very productive day! I only have a couple more days to get ready for my mom's visit!!!

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