Friday, February 1, 2013

Slouchy Moss

I have been knitting up a storm over here in Germany! I had a job for a while there (which is part of my reason for my extended blogging lull this time around) that began in October and ended January 18th. I was actually pretty disappointed to be leaving. I really liked the people I worked with, had a good time, and felt great doing something outside of housework that I got constant recognition for what I did. (Not to mention my own paycheck to have some spending money of my own...which pretty much all went to Christmas presents...) But more about that later! For now, I am focusing on gearing up for the upcoming Spangdahlem Air Base Craft Fair!!!

The plan at this point is to share a table with my friend, Jessica of The MOMster Shop, and hopefully sell a lot of stuff! :D I have been knitting hats nearly nonstop since I signed up last week, and I think I may actually be pretty prepared.

I bought some yarn when I was down at Ramstein this past weekend for my girl's weekend with Elphie, but was unaware that what I purchased was not the chunky I had thought it was (I had been using bulky mostly), but super bulky. So instead of using those to make more of the hats that I have been cranking out, I decided to throw together something of my own. (Disclaimer: As this is made from a very common and basic stitch, I'm pretty sure there is a hat similar to this out there somewhere, but this one I wrote out and knit myself.) So without further ado, I give you....

The Slouchy Moss Hat

Materials Needed:
Size US 13/9mm needles to knit in the round
Size US 17/12mm needles to knit in the round
80-100 yards of bulky-super bulky yarn
Tapestry needle to weave in ends
Stitchmarker to mark the beginning of the round

With size US 13/9mm needles, CO 48 with long tail cast on
Rows 1-5: *k1tbl, p1* repeat from * to * around
Change to size US 17/12mm needles
Row 6: *p1, k1* repeat from * to * around
Row 7: *k1, p1* repeat from * to * around

Repeat rows 6-7 until the moss stitch section of the hat measures 7"

Row 1: *p1, k1, p1, k1, p2tog* repeat * to * around
Row 2: *k1, p1, k1, p2tog* repeat * to * around
Row 3: *p1, k1, p2tog* repeat * to * around
Row 4: *k1, p2tog* repeat * to * around
Row 5: k2tog around       
Cut long tail and use tapestry needle to sew remaining 8 stitches closed and weave in ends
Block as desired.

And you get a slouch hat! :D Pretty simple, right? I like the way it looks!

The selling of projects resulting in use of this pattern is permitted, but please don't sell the pattern itself, and always provide the link/URL to the pattern where you sell it so others can enjoy crafting as well!  


Anonymous said...

love this easy pattern thank you x

stephanie said...

HI Donnetta, what a lovely hat! I, too, was at Spangdahlem for a couple of years, best assignment ever :) Anyway, would you be able to help me convert this pattern to 13 and 17 straight needles...? I don't have circular and was hoping to use my straight needles for this project. Thanks in advance! Stephanie