Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cleaning Out the Closet

So just in these past few months, I've been crocheting like never before, turning out new projects left and right. And somehow, whenever I felt the urge to begin a new project, ones that I had been working on previously slowly found their way into a black hole. lol But with having moved (and moved overseas, no less) and then being reunited with my yarn stash, I had to take inventory of the yarn I did have. I can't find my yarn here and need to know what to have my sister send to me. And in this adventure of being up to my ears in yarn, I came across multiple projects that I began a lifetime ago....back before I had kids...back before I was married....even some from before I even met the man I married! And I think it's time to finally pull those out and put them to rest, be it by finishing the projects or by frogging them. I really, really, really don't want to have to take any of them apart, but in some cases I don't really have a choice. Like the purple scarf I got about a quarter of the way through. I have absolutely no idea what stitches I used on it! And to figure it out (there are three different stitches), I'd have to take the whole thing apart anyhow!

Then there's The Blanket. I started that one when I learned how to make granny squares when I was only 16! (Previous to that, all I knew how to make was boring back and forth rows of double It slowly grew big enough to fit my bed, but then my brother got engaged, so it morphed into a wedding gift for the two of them. I never finished it. But I ran out of the yarn (which has been long since discontinued) and my squares (and crocheting) have greatly improved in quality since then, and I don't think I could make squares like that again if I wanted to! Maybe I could just give it to my sons to play with or something...because even if I did take it apart, I don't know what I'd do with the yarn from it! Sad day...

Blessedly, though, there is a project that I not only have enough of the right yarn to finish (same dye lot and all!), but I know exactly where the pattern is! I used a type of granny square to start making a small tote. It was supposed to have been a birthday present about four years ago for a girl I used to baby-sit. Talk about being a long time in coming! LOL But I'm only 15 squares away from finishing the main part of it, then I have to make the lining (which I picked out the material for 4 years ago, as well, and still have!) and the strap for the bag. I can't wait to finally see that one done! LOL

So once I finish the lapghan for my mother-in-law (that very nearly shared the same fate as the other named just didn't quite make it as far down into the black hole...I started that one last July...), it'll be time to take care of the named UFOs and keep digging for more. I know they're there. It's almost scary in a way to find these half finished projects, and I'll be very relieved once they've met their fates!

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