Sunday, March 16, 2008

UFO Sighting!!!

No, really! I mean it! I was reunited with my yarn stash a little more than a month ago, and in the bottom of the containers, I found all the unfinished objects (UFOs) that have been sitting there for who knows how long! (Haha! I bet you thought I was talking about aliens!) So I sorted through them and figured out which ones I could salvage and continue...there's one that can't be saved. It looks really nice and all, but I used 3 different stitches on it, and can't for the life of me remember (or figure out) which ones they were. So it's got to be frogged. :( But I've almost finished the tote bag. I just have to sew the lining for it and buy buttons to sew on. Then the lapghan...I ran out of one of the colors I was using (and still need), much like the pink and black round ripple. And I also need more black for another project. On top of almost being out of Dark Navy for my other two WIPs (works in progress). But, unfortunately, there is no yarn here. And yes, I literally shed tears over that. Well, I say no yarn, but I bet if I were to actually go into town, not on base, I could find some in the local stores, but odds are, it'd require speaking some Italian (which I don't know), and would definitely take some Euros (of which I have none). So it looks as though I'm shopping online or depending on people back home in the States to send me some. *sigh* I think I'll buy it online. I love my friends and family and all, and know they can send me stuff I need, but I'm a bit impatient, and am not sure they would send it as fast as I'd like. It's likely their reasons would be completely legitimate. I'm not saying they wouldn't be, but like I said: I'm impatient. LOL

I promised myself no starting new projects until I finished the other ones. HA! That was like shooting off the starting gun! LOL Last night my fingers begged to start something new. I caved. I have little self-control when it comes to yarn. lol I was going to make it just pink and white and call it "Obscenely Pink" (b/c the pink is BRIGHT!), but decided partway into it that I wanted more bright colors, too. So now it's "Obscenely Bight." LOL I have no idea who I'm making it for, either. LOL I'm sure I'll find someone that will happily wear it, though! :)

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