Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Patterns, patterns, patterns...

You know, I've never really thought about how many different scarf patterns exist out there, until this scarf round robin group...I have learned that I choose patterns much like I shop; I browse and browse and browse, until something just jumps out at me, and 9 times of 10, it's perfect! And if it's not, then I tweak it a little, and voila, a new pattern is born! I really need to get to posting those patterns here, come to think of it. Especially the pattern I used for the red scarf I made a couple posts back, and the 5" I did on Jody's scarf. Well, now, I've done it again! I've got Rebecca's scarf, and I like the pattern of a hat I've made a few times, so I modified it to work for crocheting that's not in the round...I believe I'll share it! As soon as I'm done with adding it to the scarf, that is... ;)

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