Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to Preemie hats...

So the first hats I've made were knitted, following this lovely little pattern. It was the one I liked most out of the ones I saw on Ravelry. It was more than just a plain stockinette stitch cap, but still really simple.

But at the same time, to me personally, it didn't look much like a sprial. It didn't "lean" enough. So I made my own modifications and came up with these!

As you can see, it did come out a little bit shorter and wider than the original version, but I really like it! Besides, babies (even preemies!) come in all shapes and sizes, so I'm sure both styles will find heads to cover!

For anyone interested, here is the modified version I used of Bonnie Batten's Spiral Preemie Cap:

Cast on 56 sts, divide onto 3 DPN's. You may want to slip a stitch marker before the first stitch.

Rows 1 - 5:
Work in K2, P2 ribbing around.

Rows 6 - 8:
P1, (K2, P2) around, ending in a P1

Rows 9 - 11:
(P2, K2) around

Rows 12 - 14:
K1, (P2, K2) around, ending in a K1

Rows 15 - 17:
(K2, P2) around

Rows 18 - 20:
P1, (K2, P2) around, ending in a P1

Rows 21 - 23:
(P2, K2) around

Row 24:
K1, (P2tog, K2) around, leaving last st unknit; sl unknit st to beg of next round

Row 25:
(K2tog, P1) around

Row 26:
K2tog around to last st, K1

Row 27:

At end of row 27, cut yarn leaving a long tail. Using a yarn needle, thread the yarn through the remaining stitches. Turn cap inside out and pull yarn tight. Tie securly. Weave in all ends.

Happy Knitting!!!

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