Saturday, June 12, 2010

Clara's Potions & Notions Pouch

I am so super excited!!!! April finally got the kit I sent her for the HSKS10 swap! I had so much fun putting that kit together! (You can see her gush about it over here, at her Potter-esque blog.) I absolutely love to give things to people, most especially when I know they get some happiness out of it. :) But since one of the smaller items in her kit was a "pattern" of my own design, and the second time I've made a pouch like it, I figured it was high time I posted how I made it! (If for no other reason, then it can appease my OCD tendencies in having a pattern to link to on my Rav project page! LOL) So here's how I did it (with UK terms in parentheses)!

Clara's Potions & Notions Pouch

Size H (5.00mm) hook, worsted (aran) weight yarn

Note: This pouch is worked back and forth, not in the round, and is then seamed together.

chain 32

Row 1: hdc (htr) in 3rd chain from hook and across (30 hdc [htr]), ch 2, turn.
Rows 2-12: hdc (htr) across (30 stitches), ch 2, turn
Row 13: *hdc (htr), ch 1, sk next stitch* across, ending with a hdc (htr) in top of the previous row's ch 2; ch 2, turn
Row 14: hdc (htr) in each hdc (htr) and ch stitch across (for a little more of a "frill" look, you can put 2 hdc/htr into each stitch instead, as I did with the pouch pictured above, totaling 62 sts across on row 14)


Fold the panel in half, making the width of the pouch 15 stitches, and sl st down the side and across the bottom (foundation chain row) to seam it into a pouch. Finish off and weave in ends, turn right side out, and add a ch-50 drawstring or ribbon of your choice, weaving it into the "holes" at the top of the pouch.

For the pouch pictured above, I also added a sc (dc) trim in a contrasting color after the seaming, totaling 60 stitches around the top.

The other pouch I previously made was done the same, except I only made it 28 stitches wide, instead of 30, and it is 10 rows high (and without the "frill") as opposed to 14 and is "wearing" a ch-45 drawstring, making it a little smaller than the green pouch.

I don't mind if you sell projects resulting in use of this pattern, but please don't sell the pattern itself, and always provide the link/URL to the pattern where you sell it so others can enjoy crafting as well!

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