Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unraveling Divinity

I absolutely love Rheatheylia's designs. I adore her crocheted Cable Hat, am a fan of her Mesh Hat, and I have made the Divine Hat sooooooo many times! I have noticed, though, that on Ravelry not everyone finds them as easy as I do, and often have similar issues in getting the transition of reading the pattern to come out properly through their fingers. Because of this (and because I think everyone should love making the Divine Hat as much as I do! LOL), I am going to try and make some clarifications through photographs in this post. :) (Note: This is all written in US crochet terminology. For a UK translation, there is a nifty little "translator" here.) In the following photographs, I am using sport weight yarn cotton yarn and a size G/4.00mm hook to make a baby version of the hat.

Ok, so here we go...first off, I'll address the "how-to" of front post double crochet (fpdc). After you chain 2 to begin the next round, you insert the hook to the right of the post you want to work around:

Bring the hook behind the post, and back out on the other side of said post:

You will then yarn over, pulling the loop up behind the post, and proceed to finish out the double crochet as normal.

For the rounds of the pattern that read: "dc in the space between fpdcs", the placement of the double crochets is here:

When the single double crochet is sandwiched between two fpdc, it looks like this:

The placement for the instructions "dc in the first space between fpdc and dc" (italics mine) looks like this:

Notice that the fpdc is immediately to the right of the stitch, and that there is another space in between the previous row's dc and next fpdc. You skip over that second space and go immediately into the following fpdc, leaving a small "hole" (which looks less "hole-y" and more "lacy" when the hat is completed), like this:

Here's a better shot of described "hole":

The "hole" makes it look a little uneven and unbalanced, but it's okay, because that's how it's supposed to look, and what will, in the end, create the spiral effect of the finished object. : )

In the line of directions that reads: "2 dc in the first space between fpdc and dc" (again, italics mine), you are using the exact same technique as the previous row, you're just giving your lonesome, solitary double crochet a friend. : )

The same goes for the "3 dc in the first space between fpdc and dc" and the "4 dc in the first space between fpdc and dc":

As you can see, you simply skip over all the double crochets in the previous row. The only place you put the stitches (aside from the fpdc's) is immediately after said fpdc and before the previous row's grouping of normal dc's. The "hole" that this leaves is what pulls the next fpdc to the side, creating the spiral effect.

I had noticed that one or two people actually made their hats spiral in the opposite direction, and tried something out to see if it produced the same effect, and sure enough, it did! If you group your double crochets on the other side of the section, so that it goes "fpdc, hole, dcs, fpdc," then the spiral will go in the other direction.

I hope that these pictures were helpful! If you have any other questions about it, let me know and I'll try my best to explain it! : )

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Liv's Creation Nation said...

I too have fallen in love with the Divine Hat pattern! I also made the Purely Puffs (small) hat and love that one, too! Haven't tried the Cable Hat, but I think that's up next!

The first time I made the Divine Hat, I also questioned myself...am I really supposed to be putting all these stitches here??? But I have a bad habit of getting confused with a pattern, thinking I know better, changing it, and realizing I was wrong. I am trying to just trust the pattern from now on, but blogs like this one and the commentary on other completed projects on Ravelry are so helpful for these types of questions!

E Robinson said...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this clarifying post. By row 5 I was becoming very concerned & frustrated wondering why my hat wasn't spiraling. DC's in the wrong spot! Can't wait to finish this cool hat, thanks to your help!

Dee Williams said...

Good morning! I thank you so much for your help. Quick question: I'd like to do this hat w/ regular acrylic yarn, and was wondering... to make it for a 2 year old: hook size, # of rounds. I want to make the matching mittens with it, too. Lol, too adorable. Please email me soon, icrochetanything@ymail.com, thank you so much.