Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally settling in!

So much for ending that last blogging lull! LOL I guess that's what happens when the military uproots you and moves you to a new country. ;) We are no longer in Italy. We moved out of our home into temporary lodging the 3rd week of November, and then got up to Germany the beginning of December. Blessedly, it didn't take us long to find a house. (Major perk of moving NOT in PCS season!) We're already moved in and have all of our stuff (it didn't take nearly as long for our stuff to be toted from Aviano to Spangdahlem as it did from Oklahoma to Aviano...for obvious reasons!)

It was painful to leave Italy for the fact that I absolutely adored A's teacher there. She was simply amazing! I truly wish we could have brought her with us! It's not as though the school up here or his new teacher is bad, but there's the whole adjustment time of her getting to know him and him getting used to the new setting and group of people. It's not been easy, and it's not been quick, but I think he's finally getting used to Germany, though he will occasionally ask to move back to Italy and his old class.

C has his days, but he's slowly getting less clingy and becoming more independent and helpful. Yesterday, he helped me to strip the beds and remake them with clean sheets, and tonight before dinner, he cleared and wiped down the table for me. :) Unfortunately, he's still dead set against actual potty training (though he will go pee in the toilet, at least), but as he knows his 5th birthday and starting school are approaching, he knows he needs to get along with it. I think he's finally showing the first signs of genuine interest. I guess I'm not too surprised by the delay as a) his older brother didn't potty train until 4 months before his 5th birthday and b) because of all the changes with his brother starting school and moving and whatnot. We'll get there. Eventually.

Our new base is actually quite small, so I'm grateful for the fact that we live close to Ramstein!!! Their facilities are far superior and I have friends that are stationed down there to visit! Hooray!!! One of them got stationed there following Aviano, so we know her from Italy, but the other one I actually met before I even met my husband! it's been so incredibly nice to have them as close by as they are! My husband takes a martial arts class that's offered down at Ramstein, so we drive down there at least every other week, if not weekly, and this past weekend, they all came up to see us! :D And on top of all that, I've planned a Mother's Day trip (though it won't be on Mother's Day! LOL) to go to London!!!! I am so very excited! LONDON!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! We've got the hotel booked and tickets bought to go see the show "Wicked," and I can't wait!!! I also need to get out and see more of Germany. So far I've only been to the Christmas market in Saarbrucken and the craft shop in Trier. I hope the weather warms up soon enough to walk around the different towns and cities!

And on a final, and exciting (as if I haven't been overflowing with excitement enough already!!!), note.........I MADE MY FIRST LISTINGS ON ETSY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! The crafter's bazaar that was scheduled for while we were in Italy got rained out, and they rescheduled it for after we left Italy, so now I've got all this jewelry and crocheted goods to sell. So to the Internet I go! I'm quite excited! I've made myself only list 7 items for now, until I know for sure how well things are going to sell. It's hard to not list everything! LOL I'm so excited! So feel free to hop on over there and look around! You can find it at . :)

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