Thursday, March 10, 2011

SuperMommy vs. The Diaper Monster: The Final Battle

::Peeks tentatively around::

I had to make absolutely certain that the battle was over before blogging. Last time I posted preemptively and ended up jinxing myself. This time, however, it seems that I have truly conquered The Diaper Monster!!!

Last time, once C went in his underwear (after a full 24+ hours of going only in the potty!), I had to bring back the Baby Regime. I really hate it. It is so draining on me, let alone how mean it makes me feel to see my 4-year-old sitting listlessly on the couch, grudgingly accepting his fate. But accept it, he did.

This most recent time, though, I had a bonus on my side. I had assistance from a fellow Supermommy. Misha and her boys came up last Friday for the weekend...and C was stuck on the couch. No movies, no playing, nothing. He had to ride in the stroller to the bus stop to pick up A. He was not happy. He didn't get dinner like the rest of us. His only option was baby food. (He chose to skip eating altogether and went to bed early.)

I am very pleased (and massively relieved!) to report that that dealt the final blow to the Diaper Monster! He awoke after 3 or so hours of sleeping, got up and pooped in the potty!!!!!!! I am pleased to report a full week later, that we have not had one single accident!!!!!! It feels so good to not have to change butts all day long! And now I have that much more time to knit!, I mean clean. Yeah, more time to clean, that's it...

Speaking of knitting...the hooded scarf that I was commissioned to make is nearly complete! (Seriously, I mean it...I'm about 15 or so rows from the end. The only reason it's not yet done is because C has interrupted everything I've tried to do. I cannot go 2 minutes without him saying, "Mama! Mama!" It really is quite annoying...)

So. Freaking. Close! It'll be done before the week is up, though, and hopefully in the mail on Saturday. :)


Misha said...

WOOT WOOT for Potty trained boys!!!

The scarf looks amazing!!!

Elizabeth said...

Good for you! Way to stickto your guns! On a knitting note: did you use Ann's pattern as an outline and then create your own design? It's beautiful!

Michelle said...

Scarf is gorgeous and amazing!

Clean bottom is fabulous and great news!

Things are looking up all over, AND spring is coming. Woo hoo!

smiley_netta said...

Yes, I AM quite pleased about both boys being potty-trained! :D Thank you all for all of your support!!!

@Elizabeth: The scarf is actually called "The Heel-Head Scarf," and I found it on Ravelry some time ago. In fact, Ann admitted to me that the short row hood from this pattern was what in part gave her the inspiration to design the scarf that she did. :)

Thanks for the compliments on the knitting, all!

Anastasia said...

Congrats on the potty training super mommy! Enjoy your new time for *cleaning*. And by cleaning, I mean knitting, ha ha ha. You crack me up!