Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I've been meaning to call the doctor's office since Monday to find out the results of my blood work, and have forgotten every day. LOL Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow, but as it's Thursday (which means it's my day to have the car and go to the library), we'll see if I get too busy to remember again...However, as I have not received a call from them, I'm not expecting anything abnormal. It's a good thing, I guess, but in a way I was kind of hoping that they would find something so that they could give me a "little magic pill" to solve my issues. If only, right?

Unfortunately, whatever the solution, I'm not getting it tonight. Once again, I'm finding myself with my mind racing and not being able to fall asleep or even relax enough to try to fall asleep. Which will lead to staying up late and making it hard for me to get up in the morning, not to mention my predisposition to crankiness when tired. Maybe we won't be making it to the library after all...

I am loving the library summer reading program that they've got going on at the base library. It's themed as "A Midsummer Knight's Read," and thus far, the boys have made knight's shields, goblets, and "quills." They've really enjoyed getting out and about and picking out books and movies to bring home to enjoy. And I'm not complaining about not being house-bound, myself!

In other news...I am getting very frustrated in trying to lose weight. I know there's the time of "plateau," but this is getting to be ridiculous. I've not seen any change in inches or a decrease in pounds in over a month. I know I've lost some since I first started, but it's like I'm running into a brick wall now. And it's not like I'm pigging out on junk food, either. At this point, though, I am not thinking it's realistic to lose what I want before Torie's wedding. And that is very disappointing to me.

The surprise project I've been working on, however, has been coming along nicely! At this rate, I will most definitely finish that one in time for the deadline. :) In fact, I would be surprised if I don't have it blocking within a week. And then I can move on to the other super surprise project! :D

Well, as it's almost 1 a.m. here, so I suppose I should log off and try going to sleep again. Maybe I should grab a book and read myself to sleep. Good night, everyone!

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itsbygrace said...

One your weight loss issue, have you tried changing your workout routine? That often helps with the Plateau. Someone I know told me that I should change up my workout every 3 weeks. It didn't work for me but every 6 weeks or so has worked great!
Hope everything goes well for you and the blood tests you had done. Have a great time at the wedding as well.