Monday, August 1, 2011

Quite Possibly Mad

I'm talking crazy-mad, not angry-mad (although that applies today, as well).

I've got 2 super-secret projects that I'm working on, that has a fast-approaching deadline. (To be honest, though, the second one is really not top priority right's one of those "if I get to it, it'd be awesome, but I'm not going to stress over it" situations.) I've got a pair of gloves and a hooded scarf that a friend is paying me to make....and I still went and joined a mystery KAL! Silly, silly me! (And this isn't even counting the baby stuff for two different babies that I haven't yet finished and a blanket for charity that I've not yet completed...) Even worse than that...I really want to work on all of them! I'm excited about them all, and can't knit fast enough. I would say that this is one of those instances where I need multiple pairs of hands so I could knit on all of them at once! LOL

As to the angry-mad aspect of things....the older child (who shall from henceforth be known as Superman or Bizarro, as situation dictates...and the younger one will be Batman/Owlman.) is being the villain lately. Last week, he deliberately got into air freshener and water and made a mess of my bathroom not once, not twice, but THREE times! (Twice with air freshener, once with water.) And he just did it again this morning. With the air freshener. And this is not something that is in his reach. He is deliberately climbing like a monkey (thanks oh, so much, Instigator, for teaching him that..../end sarcasm) to get to it with the evident goal of emptying the entire can. I have had to air out my house multiple times. I'm getting headaches from this. And yet, he continues to do it. I have tried every approach I can think of with him over punishment and forgiveness of this. But he continues to push that button, and I am about to lose it with him. In fact, I did lose it a little. He is confined to his Fortress of Solitude (bedroom) for the entire day this time. I can't even be in the same room as him without getting angry again. What is so hard about not getting into things he knows are off-limits?! WHY does he keep doing this?! He is six years old. There is no reason for this!!! It's not that he's not getting positive attention when he behaves, because he does. A lot of it. I do not understand this.

School cannot start back up soon enough.

But I really should get back to cleaning Headquarters for this collection of superheroes/super-villains. It's one of this Super Mommy's least favorite things to do, as the little ones tend to make messes of epic proportions, but someone's got to do it....and then that someone needs to get back to crafting!

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