Thursday, January 10, 2008

And the winner is.....

I was able to easily enough pick the first style of granny square I wanted to use for the friendship blanket. Simple, quick, easy and pretty, all in one. But I wanted the second one I made to be different enough from the first one, and that ruled out every other granny square pattern that I have memorized. LOL So began the search....who knew there were so many different ones out there?! I sure didn't! One night, all I did was sit at my computer and look at online granny square patterns, trying to find "the one." I thought I'd found it....but then there was terminology in there I'd never heard of before, and I didn't feel like fumbling through it. The first one I actually tried turned out pretty cool, but I didn't have near enough yarn to make enough of them, so I scrapped that one. Then I tried another one, but it took waaaaaaaaaay too long to do. Then came try #4. It looked simple enough. And cool. But then it wouldn't end up at 6" no matter how I tried to adjust the pattern. Enter option #5. It wouldn't lay flat for anything.

Then it hit me: I'd just find a cool-looking stitch and make that into a square! Something with a cool effect that makes the color change stand out. I spent another night looking through the few patterns I still have here (and not on their way to Italy...). I found one that was close to what I had in my head. So I googled that particular stitch (I'm an avid google-er! LOL) and found an even better one! It's called "static." And it's "the one!" The winner! Yay for Static! LOL

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