Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hermione, the Troublemaker...

Ok, seriously. This pattern is not that difficult! So why am I having so many problems?! Well, I guess my problems aren't really related to the written pattern itself. I'm still super bummed that I didn't have enough of my Artesano to make it. :( I may still attempt it, though. I can't not use that yarn! It's too gorgeous and soft! But in the meantime, I really just want the Hermione hat. So for now I think I'll be switching up the fiber and settling for using Red Heart's soft stuff. 100% acrylic, but at least it really is soft. Now my problem is learning a new cast on. Up until now, I've only done the most basic and simple cast on. But I've been knitting for over a year now (my 1-year "anniversary" was last month!), and I figured it was high time I learned a new one. I could just use the same old, same old, but I really don't want to, so I think I'm going to stick it out fighting with learning the alternate cable cast on. The theory of the cast on isn't difficult by any means. It's very simple, looks super easy (when done by those that know what they're doing, lol), and the video on is extremely clear and concise. I just can't seem to make my fingers do what I want them to. I couldn't last night, either, but I figured that was just because I was tired. Now I suspect it's because I'm not yet as good at knitting as I'd like to think I am. LOL But, like I said, I think I'll stick it out. My husband may be more persistent than I am, but when I want something, I want it done right, and I've got the tenacity to see it through! So!....back to the needles I go...

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