Friday, April 24, 2009

A yarn hostage situation!

Tuesday was a happy day for me! I checked my mail for the first time since last Thursday (after the whole fiasco of losing and finding my wallet and ID!) to find a party in my mailbox! I had not one, not two, not even three packages to pick up, but seven!!! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, seven packages waiting to be picked up! One was the first part of the crocheted scarf travels, two were birthday packages for A (who has a birthday on the 30th!), one was an order placed with amazon, 2 were from knit picks and the last one was from Herrschner's. I hit the crafting pay dirt! LOL The package from Herrschner's was a crafting bag that I caught on a 67% sale, one of the knit picks boxes was yarn for a R.A.O.K. for HSKS, and the other...was my yarn for my first ever sweater!!! I'm so excited!!! However, since I have been in a "starting" mood and not a "finishing" mood, I have handed over my soft and scrumptious yarn for my first knit sweater (for which I have already selected a pattern) to a friend. Per my request, she is holding it hostage until I finish 5 current WIPs...So far I'm looking to finish my current afghan, a scarf I semi-designed, and 3 hats that were put on hold, though I'm tossing around the idea of 2 hats and a bag that's half done. I'm so excited to be starting my sweater that the first hat is all but done, the scarf is about 50% done, and the afghan is about 80% finished...look out sweater, here I come!!!

P.S. The yarn bag...IS AWESOME!!!

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