Thursday, April 23, 2009

The tale of the traveling scarf...(SPOILER PICS!)

So even though I decided I would only participate in one swap, I got sort of..."conned" into another one...though not really conned...and I guess it's not a swap in the sense that HSKS is, so maybe I still kept my word...LOL the thing is, there are so many swaps out there that have the potential of being crazy amounts of fun, but I know that I would get carried away and turn quickly into a swap-joining junkie. And I know if that were to happen that DH would make me choose 1 or 2 and get out of the rest to keep us from going bankrupt...I absolutely adore the people I've met in the HSKS swap, so I didn't want to have to pick and choose between groups of great people and decided that would be my only swap...then Ronni had to go and make a new one! LOL She invited me to it and I accepted without hesitation! But, as I said, it's not a swap in the sense that HSKS is. Scarf Travels is pretty exclusively to Ravelry, and instead of putting together an entire kit, all it is, is making a scarf! But instead of just making one scarf, you knit (or crochet) 5" to each scarf of the people in your group! I've been chosen to be a moderator of the group and help out with the running of things, which made me feel so special! : ) The first round had it's hiccups, but things seem to be going smoother this time around, at least, and I finally got the first starter in the mail the other day! I stayed up last night to crochet my 5" to it (I'm in 2 groups, the crochet group and a knit group), and it worked up super fast! I doubt I'll be getting out today to send it off, so I'll be getting it out tomorrow. : ) But I took pictures of the scarf with my addition on it. Some of the people in the groups want to be surprised, so I decided instead of posting the pictures to Ravelry and sharing with the group, that I would post the pictures here to my blog as I go (as someone else said they decided to do), so that they can look if they want, but they don't have to work to avoid seeing it...LOL So! Without further ado, here is Kat's scarf thus far:

I can't wait to work on more of them!!!

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