Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Season

People all over are having babies this fall! Two babies in my husband's family, alone, not to mention all the pregnant friends I have! (Thankfully, I am not counted among them...I'm not ready to have another one yet!) Since I'm the only crafter in my husband's family that still can craft easily (a.k.a, doesn't have arthritis or carpal tunnel et al. slowing me down), I felt that I should make some hand knits for new little ones. Fall babies are the perfect babies, because they're born in a cooling time of year and right before know that the things you knit them will be used! So I found this mock cable baby hat that I fell in love with on sight! Then, while browsing on Ravelry amongst the hats already made with that pattern, I stumbled across someone that had made a sock pattern to match the hat! It was listed as a personal pattern, so I PM-ed Janet on Ravelry, and she wrote it up, quick as can be! The socks (a free Rav download) are the perfect compliment to the hats, and I could not be happier with the end results! I hope the recipients are as pleased with the gifts as I am. : ) (The colors in this photo are a bit off, but you can get the general idea.) ; )

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