Monday, August 10, 2009

Dishcloth Madness

When it comes to packages, unless I have a deadline, I am horrible about getting them out in good time! My "baby" sister had a birthday in June, and I still haven't sent her present to her! (If you think that's bad, just gets worse...) So in attempts to clean out "my corner" of the computer room, I finally got to putting it in a box. However, the shape doesn't fit snugly into a box, so I figured that I'd wrap the Dark Mark Scarf that I made for my brother a year ago for the Ravelympics (as in, literally, last August) around it. Still room to spare. Oh look at what I found to put in there: a name doily I made for my nephew while we were still in the States!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (We've been living in Italy for more than a year and a half...I think it's about 2 years old already...) Ok, good to go. Now what? Still too much wiggle room, and I'm a crafter, so why bother with buying packing materials that will just get tossed when the package is received? Then it hit me: DISHCLOTHS!!! They're small, will pack well, and will fill each little space until there's no more wiggle room! So I made the first one the other day (the finishing of it was delayed due to wasp hand was swollen and hurting, so no crafting), and have plans for many more....

The first one is a swan dishcloth. I edited the pattern a little to my own tastes. There was nothing wrong with how it was written at all, but I prefer mine to be reversible, so on the wrong side rows, I knitted the purls and purled the knits of the previous row to get the look I wanted. :) I rather like how it turned out!

We'll see what dishcloth I feel the urge to make next...but for now, it's time to feed the little ones.

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