Monday, August 10, 2009

Traveling Scarf Hiatus

The scarves seem to come in waves instead of the ideal steady stream...then again, the APO system does absolutely nothing to amend that. In fact, i think it quite contributes to it! But either way, I'm overdue for pictures. :) Here is the last crocheted one I have, I believe. (I think it's Kimmikat's...):

And here's a picture of that lace that I really, really, really ended up loving beyond reason (though it's actually more of a blue and less of a purple, lol):

And I forget whose this was, but here's my section of the provided pattern (which I loved!):

And now it's back to waiting for the next doesn't seem to fail, no matter how often or fast they get sent to me, they show up 2 or 3 (per group) at once...oh well. We're coming to the end of it all!

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