Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A new month!

Yes, I know that I'm overdue to produce the final installment of my trip to France...I'll get to it, I promise!

It's a new month! May has come upon us, and I am super excited for what I have planned to do! :D (And I'm super excited to blog about those plans, too, after the fact...which means I'd better hurry on that France finale!) I've been getting back to my knitting (which I've been somewhat neglecting as of late), and last night while watching Castle, worked on the "Where's Anja's Cow?" baby romper. :) I'm also still plugging away at a soaker/skirty combo that I'm making for someone (and I bought the license with the pattern, so I'm thinking soakers will soon be appearing in my etsy shop!), and I still have the last hat to make before the next big trip!

A has turned six. I don't know when this happened...(well, obviously on his birthday, lol) I turned around and ::POOF::! He's past the preschooler/kindergartener age! Ack! Next fall he starts first grade, and C will start kindergarten himself (after C turns 5 in August)! I will have the house to MYSELF! ALL DAY! While they're both at school! I am looking forward to it greatly! Nobody to cater to all day long, no child going right behind me and making a mess of what I just cleaned, no interruptions of "I'm hungry!" or "Fill my water bottle, please!" or any various pleas and/or tantrums.

It's going to be AMAZING!

The Instigator has not slacked at all in the role for which he assumed that title. lol But I really can't complain. For all the picking on me that he does, he's also very supportive of my "traveling habit" and is okay with me traipsing off with my girl friends and leaving him at home (though I'm sure he's more than ready for me to take at least one of the boys with me! LOL). He was supposed to have taken a trip to Spain, himself, for a martial arts tournament, but as we left the boys at Misha's house so I could take him to the airport, it turned out we went to the wrong airport, and he missed his flight! LOL But we got the drive time to and from the airport (two hours, round trip) to just enjoy each others company without the kids in the back seat, and just chat and relax. :)

And today we're getting a new couch delivered! The Instigator ordered it a couple months back (along with a recliner for him, which he's SUPER happy about), and it's finally showing up today! :D Hooray! Id' better get to cleaning up the living room area a bit!

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