Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cleaning Day...

I've been so caught up in my crafting that I've hardly been gaming, so when Tuesday rolled around, I hardly even noticed! (Tuesdays are my "cleaning" days because WoW is usually down all day for maintenance.) So today is cleaning day. Especially moreso because we have guests coming over tonight! Normally, I take breaks in my cleaning to quickly check my e-mail and profile pages, and at that time, shoot off a not to The Husband at work...problem is, he actually has to do stuff today! LOL (Not that he doesn't otherwise's just today's not a good day to be distracting--er, I mean, interrupting his work day.) So instead, you all get to suffer! Bwahahahahaha! ;)

I'm actually feeling pretty productive! I've already picked up and sorted out and put away all the boys' toys (which had found their way to the most remote corners of the house...) so I could sweep their floors. Speaking of which, due to C's development of nightmares and sleep talking, where he woke A up and A started yelling at C to be quiet until C woke up and neither of them got good sleep, the boys now have separate rooms! C kept the room they were sharing, and A got to have his big boy bed moved to a big boy room upstairs near mommy and daddy's room, with the big boy toys! He was pretty excited about the change and seems to like having his own space, especially when his friends come over to play. :) When C naps, now A and his friends have somewhere to play where they don't have to keep things quiet! LOL

I've also cleaned up and swept the game/computer/TV room. I'm hoping that the futon that The Husband bought a while back (and that is still sitting in the warehouse, waiting to be picked up as soon as we borrow somebody's truck) will be here before the weekend.

And now that all the picking up of stuff is done, it's time to get to the heavy cleaning. The bathroom, kitchen and dining room! The dishes aren't really a big deal, but the rest of those three rooms take a lot of elbow grease and scrubbing! *sigh* I actually kinda wish I were done already. LOL But as soon as C's down for his nap and A's either settled in with a movie or playing in his room, it's back to cleaning for me! (They're eating lunch right now...) Eh, why put it off? I'll go turn on some music and start the dishes...I can't wait til this part of my day is over...I've got yarn and knitting needles calling out to me!!!

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