Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ravelympics update (Days 6-11)

Well, it seemed to me that my progress had slowed significantly, but maybe that's not the case.....I still haven't gotten my hands on the colors I need to finish the WIP Wrestling entry for the afghan, which is very frustrating because I am so close to finishing it...but as Ravelry changed the rules of entering projects, I am now able to add whatever projects I I've done a few more hats and made great progress on the dark Mark Illusion Scarf. :) (I'm also writing out the pattern for it based on the charts for the people that want to make it that either have issues with charts or would just rather use the written pattern.) So here's what I've finished since my last Ravelympics post:

A's "wizard" hat:

C's "wizard" hat:

The hat that swallowed my head:

A hat that actually FITS:

A kerchief for a Green Bay Packer fan friend:

And this is how far I've gotten on the Dark Mark Illusion Scarf:

I like doing the hats....they're quick and easy. In a way, though, it's kind of "cheating" for counting all the FO's (finished objects) for the Ravelympics because of how many more hats I'll be turning out than anything. I mean, they take a couple hours to make one, whereas it can take a couple of days to make an afghan. And I've been crocheting over knitting (I think the scarf is my only knit entry) because it goes faster. Nothing like playing the system, right? ;) I really want to finish this scarf, if I can swing it....which means no gaming....oh well. I can wait another day to make level 51. Knitting and crocheting has jumped back into the front seat. :) Off to press toward the finish line with my scarf!

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