Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ravelympics update (Days 2-5)

I didn't expect to make near as much progress over any of the other days of the Ravelympics as I did the first day. None of my other projects are as quick and simple as the 5 hats I made! Unfortunately, I have yet to complete another project.

I didn't really expect to finish anything on Saturday, simply because I was supposed to be spending that day in Venice. When that didn't happen, I ended up spending about half the day in bed and relaxing the rest of the day, given the "passing out and hitting my head" situation. I took Sunday pretty easy, too, but managed to work on one of my entries in the WIPs Wrestling ("WIP" means work-in-progress, for those of you that don't know) and started a few other projects, but still had a horrible headache, so I didn't heavily pursue any one thing.

Monday (yesterday) was Family Day for my husband's squadron, so we spent over half the day outside, chatting with other military personnel and spouses, our boys running around and playing, partaking of the barbecue fare, and allowing ourselves to be the feast for the bugs that were out. lol After I came home, I worked some more on the WIPs Wrestling entry, but that was pretty much it.

Today, day 6 of the Ravelympics, I thought I would finish my WIP. But then I ran out of a color I need. :( I had picked up more yarn on Saturday, but it turns out I picked up the wrong color! I'm so bummed, because I'm only 8 rows away from finishing it, and I need that specific green to do two of those said rows! So to take my mind off of that, I undid what I had done on a Hat Dash entry to tweak it. I was almost done with it, but I didn't like how it looked, so I'm going to alter the pattern a little bit to make it fit what I've envisioned in my mind. We'll see how that goes, and hopefully tomorrow (or later on tonight, whichever), I'll be able to post two pictures of completed works! Here's hoping!

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