Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ravelympics update (Days 12-13)

I'm in a last minute scramble to get as many projects done in the Ravelympics as humanly possible! I don't really see the entries I have over halfway to go as getting done in time (before the Olympics' closing ceremonies on the 24th), especially since we're having a birthday "party" for C tomorrow afternoon. ("Party" is used very loosely here....just having a couple friends with kids come over and eating cake...that's But in order to have that "party," I have to make up for all the cleaning I've not been doing to further my fiber racing.....the house is presently not a pretty So I entered a few last-minute, quick and easy projects to get them done to say I did a higher number of things. I need that sense of accomplishment. LOL (I'm not driven.....) Anyway, here are the latest additions from my projects to cross the ravelry finish line:


Spider/web bookmark:

Speedy the Turtle:

I've never done amigurumi before, so I'm actually quite pleased with the end result of Speedy, even if I did accidentally make him a little front-heavy by my lack of planning on the head and leg placement....but I'm not too worried about it....judging from my boys' reactions, I'll be getting plenty of amigurumi practice in soon! Now my sole goal in the Ravelympics is to finish the Dark Mark Illusion scarf....if I can do that, I will be happy....

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