Monday, May 25, 2009

And the scarves go on...

Pictures now, words Knitted scarf is Jodi's, crocheted scarf is Ronni's....good night! LOL

Close up of the 5" I knit on Jodi's scarf (color is off, but at least you can see the cables! LOL):

Jodi's scarf so far (this picture is more accurate in color):

The 5" I crocheted on Ronni's scarf:

Ronni's "tecnicolor scarf" so far:

Now that I actually have the time to sit down and write...(at least for the present 10 seconds...) Things have been insanely busy around here! DH just got home from deployment less than a week ago, we're trying a new system for discipline, and everything keeps breaking! We've lost (and gotten back!) our Internet connection about 3 times since DH got home, lost the phone connection to the States, the car stopped working, and the lawn mower won't start, either. Absolutely insane. And as of this moment, I have a 2-year-old that thinks everything is the end of the world...he upstairs screaming and crying as loudly as possible. lol

But back to the scarves (which, hopefully, the fact we don't have a working car will not interfere with them getting out tomorrow in the mail...); the mail over here has been absolutely insane. It's taking forever for them to get to me and forever for them to get to where they're supposed to be going! The knitted scarf, Jodi's, I actually had before my husband got home, but I was so swamped with last minute preparations that I didn't have time to work on the I finally got around to it...and the pattern I had come up with in my head just wasn't working as it came out of my fingers. So I tried something else. Still didn't work. Then I settled on the 5 cables that I ended up using (and really liking!) , but as I got further into it, I noticed it was significantly thinner than the section below mine, and I know she wanted the scarf to remain somewhat consistent in width (which I totally understand!) I had to undo it and try again in a different size needle...still wasn't large enough, so I went up to 8's. Finally, I was satisfied! I think it turned out quite well and am thinking 5 cables like that would look pretty cool as an entire scarf, not just a small piece of one!

Same goes for the bit I did on Ronni's...I had actually intended to use a different pattern altogether, but as I worked it, it also made the scarf a bit misshapen. So I got to frog and pick a new pattern. It didn't cooperate either, so I figured I could change how I was doing it to go off of the number of stitches that worked best with the section before mine instead of trying to stay with the same number of stitches that were used in the beginning section...sure enough, easy as pie! LOL I quite like how it turned out, actually. And I love the whole "technicolor" thing! I think the colorway I chose fit with that mantra all too well. :)

But now it's back to and washing dishes and trying to keep everything else from breaking and keeping the peace between the boys and...well, you get the idea! Hopefully I can fit some more crafting into there somewhere!

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