Monday, May 4, 2009

Over halfway there!

Or at least, if you're counting the number of projects, I'm over halfway there...I just finished project #3 of my sweater ransom!!! I was originally going to be this pattern, but I'd hardly gotten into the hat at all, so instead I frogged it and opted for this (much quicker, simpler and easier) pattern. LOL I did make a couple of modifications, though. Instead of increasing to 52 double crochet's on row 10, I kept to 48 dc's. I wanted more of the beanie look instead of the slouchy look. I also didn't take the dc's 19 rows, just 14, and after the one row of sc (which I did loosely so it wasn't too tight), I also did a fpsc/bpsc "ribbing" for one row. It worked up very quickly, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. : ) Though I think it is still a little slouchy...just a teensy bit. (Not that I'm a perfectionist or So I'm 3 projects closer to my sweater! Yay! The only thing is...the bag and scarf I have left are probably each going to take as long as the blanket did! LOL Ah, well...back to the hooking! ; )

P.S. I'll add a couple pictures of the hat once my camera is charged! : )

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