Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ick, sick!

I honestly meant to blog about Brussels (and Memorial Day weekend) before now...but I got delayed. There was a craft fair this past Saturday that I had to prepare for, and then we got hit fairly hard in this house with lots of "ick." I finally got us all in at the clinic on Monday, and it turns out that A had/has an ear infection, and C and I both had/have strep throat! (And this is the first time I've ever had it, too...I was pretty miserable!) The pharmacy on base got us A's medications right off, but as C's and my diagnoses were waiting the lab results, the orders weren't sent to the pharmacy in enough time for it to all go through and be filled before the pharmacy closed for the day. So it wasn't until yesterday that they were ready, and I am so grateful to The Instigator for taking time on his lunch break to swing by there and pick it up and drop it off at home for me. It wasn't until about an hour after taking it that I felt like I could do much of anything. And now that I've actually had strep throat, I can now empathize properly with my niece that had it so many times she had to have her tonsils out! YUCK! Poor girl...

But now that we're on the mend and I'm making progress in catching back up on dishes and laundry, I think I can take the time to blog some...and after I post about the past 2 weekends, I can reveal the reason for this photo:

I hope that this past week or two has found the rest of you healthier than it has me!

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