Friday, June 10, 2011

The Last Spangdahlem Craft Fair

So before we were given our date to leave Italy, I was supposed to participate in a fair/bazaar that the base craft store put on. I worked on things to sell at my booth for some time. At least a month, maybe two. Unfortunately, it got rained out, and when they re-scheduled it, it was set for shortly after we left. I was a bit disappointed, to say the least.

Not long after getting to Germany, though, I heard that the craft store on our itty-bitty base was going to have a craft fair. We hadn't really settled in yet, but I went as a customer, and found some super cute stuff! And when one of the people that runs the craft shop mentioned that there was going to be another one in a couple of months, I knew that it was my shot to participate in one after all. I was excited! It took a little bit longer than I expected to fall into place, but in reality, had it happened before it did, I would not have been prepared. (I'd been too busy planning and going on trips! LOL) And this was only going to be the first of many...there was talk of it becoming a regular thing.

But that got shot down really fast.

I won't go into all the details (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to or not...), but suffice it to say that the agreement between the U.S. military and Germany forbid us to have small businesses unless we adhere to their stipulations. And these stipulations not only make it difficult to run any sort of small business, but make it hardly worth the effort to try and be an entrepreneur. As a result, the first craft fair I was able to participate in will also be the last, at least for the time that we're living here. I'm also not allowed to run an online Etsy or Artfire shop.

On the plus side, I did get to have my booth out front where it was cooler (we had the air circulation from the front doors while the vendors further in did not) and where the people that came by had to walk by us as they were both entering and leaving the fair. And on top of that, the ladies who had the booths in the same area as me were quite pleasant! It was nice to get to sit and chat about crafting (the ladies that were beside me and across from me both had sewing goods, and the lady that was caddy-corner from me was mainly advertising the beading class she is offering on base in the fall and had some of her bead work out on display and she also knits and crochets...same as me!) and military life. It's nice to get to connect with other military spouses and other crafters all at once! :D

Another bonus was that Misha and her husband and their boys drove all the way up to see and support me! :D It was so awesome of them! They were then able to meet up with The Instigator and my boys and go bowling.

While it was my first time participating in any sort of bazaar (and will be the last for some time), I did also learn a few tips about presentation that will come in handy for the time when I can participate in another one!


Samantha said...

How fun! Do you have any pictures of your booth?? If not you should get some at the next one.. I would love to see!

smiley_netta said...

I did take one, but I can promise you that it was quite obvious I had not participated in one before! However, one of the other ladies gave me some great tips for when I finally get to try again when we're stationed somewhere I can participate in craft fairs again!