Thursday, June 30, 2011

Late Night Silence

I am still here, I promise. I've just been...busy...since A got out of school 2 weeks ago. (Has it only been 2 weeks?! Ooooooh, this is going to be a long summer...) But by the same token, I cannot believe that tomorrow is the first day of July! Insanity!

The weather here has overall been amazing. It's been cloudy and rainy and cool. (I'm talking in the 60's F, cool.) A lot of friends and family have been dealing with temps anywhere from 80* to over 100*F! We had a few warm days earlier this week where we hit in the mid-80's range, but those few days were enough of that, and I am very thankful to be back in the 60's!

With said wet weather, the boys and I have been pretty confined to the house. And that, in turn, means breaking up a lot of fights and picking up a lot of laundry and toys all over the house. I've not made any new trips since Belgium, and I'm feeling the "not-traveling-blues" harder than I thought I would. Unfortunately, it's not like we can afford to have me constantly traipsing off...especially with my BFF getting married in September (which I will be going back to the States for)! I have, however, gone down to visit Misha a couple of times, and enjoyed some much needed kid-free time. :) The first of the two times, I got my hair cut and colored...and I got bangs. :O

Then this past weekend, I went back down and Misha and I redeemed the 25-minute massage part of our gift certificates at the spa on base that he got for us for Mother's Day! :D It was my first ever massage, and it was amazing. I nearly fell asleep more than once, and after it was done (and we sipped some hot tea), I could have easily taken a nap...but instead, I went and got my bangs fixed (I couldn't stand the side-swept thing...they were driving me to distraction!) we went back to Misha's house and she prettified me up with make up and we took a walk. And I had my first ever "photoshoot."

Growing up, I always wanted to be famous. I wanted to be a singer. Give sold out concerts around the world, make CD's, support myself (and the family I now have with The Instigator, of course) with something I truly love to do. Well, that's obviously not happened. LOL But part of the fame is the publicity and photo shoots. No fame, no amazing photos, right? Wrong! Misha is amazing with a camera and her photo editing. (I don't care what she says in protest, I think she could run her own little photography stint and charge to do portraits! She's amazing!) In fact, here are some results from said walk:

And I'd originally posted them on Facebook in an album titled "My 1st (& only) 'photoshoot'"...and she said it would definitely not be the only one! LOL

Other than that, though, I haven't been up to much. I actually started playing WoW again, and I've been working (somewhat)-diligently on Misha's Elphaba Sweater. It's coming along so well! I am very happy with how it's turning out!

All I've got left on it is to finish the border/collar and seaming up the sides and the sleeves. :D then it's on to a couple of super-secret projects!


Julie said...

Great photos :) I have been breaking up a lot of fights around here too on stormy days.

Monica said...

Love the photos! A photo shoot sounds fun!

Michelle said...

More details on the Elphaba sweater, plz? It looks gorgeous - wondering what makes it "special" - the detailing, shaping, etc. Knitting geeks want to know!

Lovely photos, by the way - she does indeed do good work, and it surely helps having had YOU to work with!