Saturday, September 6, 2008

Double Whammy!

So yesterday I got the package with my first ever sock yarn and first sock knitting book. Today I got another package with two firsts rolled into one! I got my first ever circular needles! They're also my first ever bamboo needles! It was a very different feel from the plastic and metal that I'm used also feels quite different from the straight needles. I'll have to share the picture later, when I'm not on my husband's laptop. I couldn't even wait to open them before I took the picture, so there are only 13 pairs shown, but I got a total of 14 pairs, sizes 1-15! (Yes, I can count....there's no size And for a reeeeeeeeeeeally good deal, too! The arrival of my new friends is right in time for the sock kit swap, at that! I'm so seriously stoked about that. Sign ups for "new students" aren't for another 10 and a half hours (and yes, I am counting!), but I'm as good as started...minus the little detail of not knowing what colors to send...LOL

In other news....I had a "Super mommy" moment tonight. :D Today had been one of those days, where every little thing was irritating, the boys got into everything they weren't supposed to (including ransacking my craft room....which I still have yet to pick up....crafting stuff is everywhere) and so on. Well, I didn't get the e-mail to my husband in time to tell him we were out of diapers (minus the 6 in the diaper bag), nor did I call him in time, so he came home empty-handed. (Well, almost empty-handed....he did bring me my package. :D ) So instead of getting to run the dungeon I wanted to on WoW, I got to drive all the way back to base to get them and picked up a few other things we were out of while I was at it. By the time I got back home (which was a long and frustrating affair, what with the Italian traffic and all), I didn't feel like making the spaghetti I'd been planning to. Instead, I opted for the quick-fix mac & cheese with hot dogs. I set the pasta on to boil, took out the garbage and washed some dishes while it boiled. I go to pull out the other things I need before I drain the noodles, and lo and behold....I HADN'T BOUGHT ANY MILK!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I took a moment to tell my boys they could get out of time-out (they'd been jumping on the couch), and ran away to lay down before I lost it. As I lay on my bed, berating myself for being so dumb as to forget that I needed milk to make the mac & cheese and for being at the commissary and forgetting to buy any, I was hit with an idea: goulash! I hadn't had goulash in a loooooooooooooong time, and it was one of my favorite things to eat as a kid. I didn't have any ground beef thawed out, but I had chicken (which was what was going to be for the spaghetti), so I ran back upstairs and fried the meat and added the spaghetti sauce, and voila! Not only had I salvaged dinner, but I had created something good, and on an impulse! If you don't know me that well, let me tell you that the genius in the kitchen is my husband, not me. Not by a long shot. And I managed to throw something together like that and it was delicious! My husband even thought so! Not only did he say it was "really good" (instead of the usual, "it's not bad"), but he went back for seconds, so I know that he really liked it! C also enjoyed it (as his sauce-y face and hands attested), and he and I both had seconds too. A didn't want to even try it, but I think I won out. :) 3 vs. 1! It's hard to accommodate all four of our tastes, so the fact that 3 or us liked it is a pretty big deal. Go team me! *happy, happy* *dance, dance*

And now I'm off to knit away the time remaining until I can sign up to get into Ravenclaw for the kit swap.....

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