Saturday, September 6, 2008

More gushing...

I have to gush some more, but this is in a different vein. My husband is amazing! :) He set the alarm on his phone for me to get up in time for sign ups for HSKS6 this morning. Actually, he set it for 10 minutes earlier than I needed to be up so that I could get my cuddle time. Heeheehee. Than when exhaustion hit me full-on at about 10 am (I am not a morning person...quite the opposite, actually...and I stayed up until 1 am before going to bed and getting back up at 7....), he let me run away and sleep and have peace and quiet....kid-free....It was wonderful! And then (because no, it does not stop there!), when he came down to wake me up, he brought me food in bed! It wasn't really breakfast, since it was noon, but it was breakfast food and the same general idea. ;) So then I come upstairs, he's got my laptop on but won't tell me why...he thought he could be clever without me seeing it, but he didn't hide it under all the yarn nearby, so I saw the external hard drive he bought me. :D I love my husband!!! And now I'm off to knit some more! :)

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