Friday, September 5, 2008


So when my husband came home from work today, he came bearing gifts. Well, I guess "gifts" is kind of a loose use of the term, as I was the one that bought it all, but what else am I going to call 3 packages all for me that are yarn-related? I'm on a yarn high from feeding my fiber addiction...

For someone that's been crocheting as long as I have, you'd think that I'd experimented with many yarns, but the truth is, I hadn't. Red Heart was the cheapest, easiest stuff to get my hand on. Only since learning to knit and joining Ravelry have I really discovered how many kids of yarn there are out there. Wool, acrylic, cotton...fingering weight, sport weight,'s amazing! A whole new world has opened up! Before this past month, I've not touched more than Red Heart's super saver, soft, and once light and lofty yarns and Caron's soft yarn. Now I've toyed with cotton yarn (which I must admit I love) and now get to play with more cotton and now sock yarn! I also got a book on knitting socks! :D Now it's just a waiting game until my first ever circular knitting needles come home....YAY!!! I'm on my yarn high!

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