Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 Days of Letters Challenge

So yesterday, when I was on Facebook (as I so often am! LOL), a friend of mine shared this note:
I was inspired by another (great) blogging friend to do this challenge after I saw hers. I googled it & found the list online.. I may not get the letters done in exactly 30 days (but who knows, I love to write.) But I can't pass up a good challenge, I love to write... especially when it comes to matters of the heart. So here is the list below of the topics. I haven't decided if I'll name names (because I"m going to be posting these online.) I may or may not send them to the person I'm writing to... because I think, that some of these topics, aren't meant for those people... but for some healing in my own soul. I'm excited to do this...

The list of letters to be written:
My best friend
My crush
My parents
My sibling
My dreams
A stranger
My ex
My favorite internet friend
Someone I wish I could meet
Someone I don't talk to as much as I'd like
A deceased person I wish I could talk to
The person I hate most or who caused me a lot of pain
A person I wish could forgive me
Someone I've drifted away from
The person I miss the most
Someone who's not in my state/country
Someone from my childhood
The person I wish I could be
Someone who pesters my mind
The one who broke my heart the hardest
Someone I judged on a first impression
Someone I want to give a second chance to
The last person I kissed
The person who gave me my favorite memory
The person I know is going through the worst of times
The last person I made a pinky promise to
The friendliest person I knew for only a day
Someone that changed my life
The person I want to tell everything to, but am afraid to
My reflection in the mirror

I think it's a really great idea! The thing is, though, I'm not a "halfway person." When I open up, I'm all out there. With me, it's left or right, black or white, one extreme of the pendulum swing or the other. I have always had a hard time toeing the line of anything.  I really want to do this (though I'm sure it would not be completed in 30 days, with housework and mommyhood and such), but I'm not so sure that I want to do all of them. I'm also not good at making myself vulnerable...especially to the public at large. So in the near future, you'll be likely to see at least some of these seemingly random letters to people (I'll probably still write the other ones as well...just in a journal or something)...well, this would be why. LOL Do you want to join in on the challenge? I'd be glad to have some company!


Anonymous said...

I'm so in!! This is great... But I agree, no way I'll do it in 30 days... :). I do love your letter you your BFF. So many memories! Cow tongue paper???

Hmmm where to start?

Jenny said...

I love it!! I hope you do it! Even if you don't post all of them. I'm so glad your blogging. I love reading them.

I think it would be really heart revealing. I've been journaling a lot more now that I have a computer and my thoughts seem to come out like an avalanch -caotic and random and revealing. But it's also brought order and been healing.

smiley_netta said...

@Ostrander: Yes! Cow tongue paper! LOL It was a pad of paper that was in the shape of what reminded us of a to the cow reference, I don't recall (as this was back in, like, 1993-ish!) if there was a cover on said notepad that maybe had a cow on it, or if it was just her fascination with the animals and dubbed so as a result. ;)

@Jenny: That's really what I'm hoping for, is the healing part. I'll try to be better about blogging regularly and get to posting more of these letters! :)