Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stitching Away

This past week has been more full than I had originally anticipated!

C went off to Misha's house to potty train (and it was a very successful venture, I might add....THANK YOU, MISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I had a laid back list of things I wanted to accomplish. I probably could have, too, if it weren't for the fact that I felt like being so lazy the first couple of days. I did a whole lot of nothin'! And then, sadly, something completely unexpected came up; Misha's dad was admitted to the hospital for cardiac reasons. There was a lot of emotion and uncertainty there for a while, so I went down to her house on Wednesday to pick up C early, and ended up staying at her house overnight with A in tow (which means that yes, he missed a day of school, lol) for moral and emotional support. After a lot of prayers and a lot of waiting, we found out that it was a heart attack, and after spending the day with Misha on Thursday, A, C and I all headed back home. (To those of you wondering, he is doing much better now and is at home, though he has a lifestyle overhaul to put into action, and it won't be easy. Any and all thoughts and prayers for her family are appreciated!)

So last night I actually got around to working on the crafting I'd put off at the beginning of the week. I finished the hat for the friend of a friend that just started chemo (I'm hoping to get some better pictures before I get it sent off):

It's not actually quite that dark of a purple, though it is dark, and I hate that you can barely see the stitch definition in the photo. (There are swirls that go all the way up the hat.)

Since I completed that one, I began on another hooded scarf that I was commissioned to do. :) The yarn is super soft, and it's working up quicker than I expected! (I don't generally do well with monotonous knitting, but this time, it's not so bad! LOL I'm already over 5" into it!):

As to the blanket that I started a few posts back (which will be sent to Tammy for her Prayer Blanket Challenge), it's growing at an enormous rate!

It's already 36" across (which is the smallest it should be, as it could end up going to anyone from the age of toddler to teen), but I think I'm going to add on about another 4" or so and then do a little "border" or sorts, color scheme-wise. I am loving how it's turning out!

That massive spider is still in my craft room, and I'm still too chicken to take it on...but I can't be mad at The Instigator for not killing it yet, either...because he got me a brand new computer last weekend! :D He had one built for me that is better than the little HP slimline one I previously had (which wasn't powerful enough to play WoW on effectively), and I am very happy with it! And on top of that, I'd made a comment a week or so ago that I needed a chair that sat lower because I ended up hunched over at my desk all day due to the correlation between where my eye level is and my yesterday, he brought me home a little stand for my monitor that raised it up, and while my posture still leaves much to be desired, lol, I'm not constantly rubbing my neck and shoulders from the knots that formed from my previous situation. Hooray! :D Okay, now I'm going back to my crafting...


teakaycee said...

OmGoodness........... How pretty is that blanket!!! <3

<><God Bless you my friend

smiley_netta said...

Thanks, Tammy! :D I like how it's looking, myself! I think after I take my shower this morning, I'm going to work on finishing it. :D