Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafting update!

Whew!!! The end of the Lanthir Lamath KAL has come to a close! I finished both scarves!!! Hooray! :D I finished off the blue, non-hooded one on Tuesday, and stayed up last night until the gray, hooded one was complete as well. :) Today (as in, right this moment!), they are upstairs, blocking!!! I can't wait for them to finish drying so I can "ooo" and "ahh" over the end result! :D (Though I really do hate the smell of wet wool...LOL) I'll be taking a bunch of pictures, for sure, this weekend! The recipient of the gray scarf is coming to visit for the weekend, and she's really good with a camera and uber-model pretty. :) So look for pictures of those this next week!

In other crafting news...a friend of a friend has just started chemotherapy, so I'm making her this hat in a purple chenille yarn. Once I got past the ribbing (endless K1, P1...except to make the lines cleaner and more stretchy, I did a seemingly endless ribbing of K1tbl, P1tbl), it picked up big time, and I wouldn't be in the least surprised if I finished it before next week!

Other than that....I've been commissioned to make a hooded scarf in white, which I'll be staring as soon as I'm finished with this cancer/chemo cap, and it is going to be sooooooooo soft! And I've not yet made a single sale on Etsy. :( I know, those kinds of things take time, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed a little...I plan to add some yarn-ish goods to the beaded ones soon, so maybe that will help. Though I do have someone clamoring for a Time Turner! ;D

And now...for the "dark side" to my may recall that I earlier said I have the scarves blocking upstairs. But my craft room is downstairs. So why is all this not taking place in there? One simple reason: my craft room has a new resident. And it creeps me out beyond description. I have a serious case of arachnophobia. It's horrible. I can't look at spiders or even pictures of spiders without shuddering and instantly brushing myself off with my hands, just to make sure that it's just my skin crawling, and not a spider on me! Sometimes I even have to shower to get rid of that feeling. I'm not sure why it's such a big deal to me, seeing as I have a significant size advantage, but I can't seem to help it. I'm terrified of the disgusting things. I'll kill them when I have no other option (like when The Instigator is deployed and can't make it the thousands of miles home to kill it for me). I've even had friends over that I've begged to save me from those nasty things. I'm a complete, screaming, mess. So when this HUGE spider showed up in my craft room....well, I spend as little time as possible in there! I keep one eye semi-on it, just to make sure it doesn't move, and get what I need as quick as humanly possible and get out! (Eesh, even as I'm typing this, I'm having to brush myself off! Ew!) I've even had nightmares about this spider, evidently, as The Instigator says I was freaking out in my sleep about it, swatting it and whatnot. And even worse, half the time I'm in there, it's hanging out on the ceiling!!!!!!! I'm just glad I have no cause to get close enough to where it could fall on me! EW!!!!!! (Okay, I need to wrap this up...I need a I have no idea how I managed this without hyperventilating or anything, but I managed to take a picture of this thing just so you all can see how disgusting this one is! (And why it's claimed the territory of my craft room and why it's so far been left that way!...The Instigator is being lazy about it, and it's a bit irritating...) I have GOT to get some eucalyptus plants for my house! (I hear they repel spiders.) I'm talking at least one for each room, here! Okay, if you want to see the picture of this craft-room-stealing monster, scroll down....if not...I DON'T BLAME YOU!!! Now, I'm off to shower this skin-crawling sensation away...


Misha said...

Spiders also HATE citrus. If you buy some oil or orange and put it in the corners, around window, and well everywhere it should repel them!

I cannot wait to see my hooded scarf!!!!

See you tomorrow!!

Michelle said...

My son can't stand spiders, either. Phobias are, by nature, irrational. Don't let anyone hassle you about it!

Now... on to knitting stuff. I don't recognize one of your terms, "tbl" which you use as K1tbl, P1tbl. Educate me, please?

My shades-of-purple Icelandic now has two sleeves (which might be too long... must measure) and two rows of ribbing at the waist. I haven't been feeling terrific, so I haven't been knitting the past couple of days :(

smiley_netta said...

@Misha: The citrus might actually be a better idea, as there is the chance for me to inherit my mom's brown thumb...LOL

@Michelle: K1tbl = knit 1 through the back loop. :) There's a video explanation here: I find the K1tbl to be quite easy....the P1tbl, however, tends to be a little trickier...

Monica said...

I think people who actually LIKE spiders have a few screws loose to be honest. I lived in the basement at my parents house growing up, and there were HUGE wolf spiders in my room. I woke up a few times with one on my pillow next to me... I honestly don't know how I survived. And I have a video of my husband and our friend going at this HUGE spider (seriously it was like 5 times bigger than yours) in our garage. One had a broom and one had poison spray. It was a mama wolf spider with hundreds of babies on her back. One of them sprayed it and all 3 of us were screaming like little girls. (And the 2 of them are F-16 pilots...) HILARIOUS! But gives me the heebie geebies thinking about it. =)