Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A slight change of plans...

So it seems (alas!) that I will  not be able to achieve everything on my list in the previous posting. C is not going to make it to the weekend without his mommy. lol He has done phenomenally in the area of potty training, and is officially in "big boy underwear." He has, however, begun to pull out all the stops with Misha. He's showing his dramatic flare, and he's showing it hard! LOL Everyone that tells me my children are oh-so-sweet gives me looks of disbelief when I reply with a snort and an "only when they want to be." But it's soooooooo true. Misha even called me and said she doesn't know how I don't go insane! Between C and The Instigator and A's tantrums....Where on earth she even got the notion that I'm not insane, I have no clue. LOL But the clincher in not waiting it out until the weekend is this: Yesterday, he asked Misha why his Mommy doesn't want him anymore. I will not lie, it was hard to not cry when I heard that. (And had The Instigator not been sitting across the room, watching and waiting for the tears to start falling so he could poke fun at me, I would have cried!)

So tomorrow (since we try to go down to Ramstein on Thursdays anyway, for The Instigator to go to his martial arts class), we will be going down and picking up C. It will be interesting to see how he mom keeps throwing this story up at me about when I was in Sunday School one time (probably about C's age), and she came to pick me up afterward, I yelled "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!" and proceeded to tear across the length of the room, arms spread open, and threw my myself at her, wrapped my arms around her legs and slid down to the floor, hugging her. So yes, I totally get where my boys come by their dramatic flare. And I will admit it. (Mostly because I have to. Anyone that knows me or my husband for more than 5 seconds would be able to pin that one on me.) I would laugh if C did the same thing (or something similar), and am considering video taping the event to have evidence, just in case he does behave similarly!

So as that gives me one to one and a half fewer days without him, some of my list is just not going to be accomplished. I spent all day yesterday doing a lot of nothing and being incredibly lazy...I didn't have to feed a little mouth or change a stinky butt (nor will I have to do the latter again, once he's back!!!) or repeatedly tell my child to stop running in the house. I didn't have to set a good example by eating healthy, so my lunch was apple pie. (It was also my snack, in both the morning and afternoon! LOL) I cycled one load of laundry through and put away dishes and started loading up the dishwasher, but stopped before all the dishes were in there (telling you! Lazy!), and I played WoW. A lot of WoW. But on my already level 85 character, not my level 36  character. LOL So sadly, I will not be catching up on laundry. I might get close, but it won't be done before tomorrow night. Nor will my "toon" reach 40 by my self-imposed "deadline." I did read (quite a bit, actually, though I won't be finishing the book before tomorrow night, either), and I have been ridiculously loud and obnoxious with my music, singing along at the top of my lungs. Shockingly, I haven't touched the crafting. I thought for sure that was what I would snatch up the second I had a moment to myself, but I'm beginning to think crafting is what keeps me from going's my child home all day long requires no therapy! LOL Today I went back to bed after I took A to the bus stop, and I just got out of the shower and am now eating a late lunch (if you can call chips and salsa "lunch"!). I may get to crafting yet today...we will see! As to exploring our town...well, I'll just have to hope the weather intends to warm up a little so that I can take C along with me! :)

Edit: And the plans have now changed again...Misha just got the news that her dad is in the hospital with some serious cardiac problems. Since she is trying to get back to the States to see him, I'll be picking up C tonight instead...I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I've gotten to myself! Please send your thoughts and prayers to Misha and her family right now.

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