Thursday, June 9, 2011

The rest of the (Exhausting) Weekend of Awesome!

After my dashing away twice in one month, The Instigator was ready for some kid-free quiet time. (And he wonders why I feel the need for kid-free time...pshhh! Two weekends it nothing compared to what I've dealt with while he was deployed!) So, even though I was pretty tired from walking all over Brussels the day before, I got up at a decent hour and put the boys in the car and headed down to Misha's house! We went to the Dinosaur Park down there, and the boys had a BLAST!

There was a water park within the Dino park, and everything! I bought season passes there, and I have a feeling it will be very much worth every penny! Unfortunately, I forgot sunscreen. (I know, I deserve the "World's Worst Mother" award for that...) The boys got a little tanned, but I burned.

We stayed the night with Misha, and the following day (Memorial Day), we had a cookout with the grill that Misha and her husband bought the day before. Kristin and her family came as well. We bought the meat on the German economy, and YUM!!! Was it ever good! That was seriously the best grilled chicken I have ever eaten! And while we were waiting for the food to cook, us mommies and daddies sat outside while the kids played. My boys had a blast in the paddling pool! (Just further evidence that The Instigator and myself need to invest in one at our own house for the summer months...)

Thankfully, while we were at the BX the previous day, Misha reminded me that we needed sunscreen, so we were safer outside on Monday than we were on Sunday, though it still hurt to have the sun shining on my burn from the previous day.

With all the walking in Brussels and the driving and watching the boys and fresh air and sun in one weekend...well, suffice it to say that when Tuesday rolled around, I would have much rather slept in instead of having to wake A for school! But it was all completely and totally worth it! (And I'm sure that Misha and Kristin would agree...especially as I showed up to their area bearing Belgian chocolate! LOL LOL LOL)

I'm so grateful to have the amazing friends that I do so close by while we're so far away from our native shores. Words cannot express how much they mean to me. :)


Diane Marie Shaw said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time and exhausted sounds like an appropriate word.
Hope you have gotten caught up on your rest.
So glad that you are surrounded by wonderful friends. When you have young children they are your lifeline, I remember.

smiley_netta said...

LOL Not quite yet...After all that, I had the craft fair and ended up with strep throat! I had a hard time getting out of bed today...still a bit tired...

Michelle said...

I know what you mean about family away from family! I am not sure that those who haven't lived it really "get" it, but it's a very special set of relationships that change us forever. And thank goodness for it!